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Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement1

Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement
Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement
Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: U4819E

Art.No.: S1485517

parts and labour, 3 years, pick-up and return, 9x5, for HP 15, 17; Chromebook 14; Envy 15; Pavilion 15, 17; Pavilion Sleekbook 14; Pavilion x360

Price: 80,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


CQ45-803LA, CQ45-910LA, CQ58-201SG, CQ58-347SG, Presario CQ43-172LA, Presario CQ43-177LA, Presario CQ43-264LA, Presario CQ43-265LA, Presario CQ43-266LA, Presario CQ43-272LA, Presario CQ43-416LA, Presario CQ45-800LA, Presario CQ57-105TU


1000-1210LA, 1000-1215LA, 1000-1220LA, 1000-1310LA, 1000-1312LA, 1000-1320LA, 1000-1322LA, 1000-1323LA, 1000-1324LA, 1000-1404AU, 1000-1407LA, 1000-1422LA, 1000-1440LA, 14-am001no, 14-am002no, 14-am017nl, 14-am018na, 14-an000nf, 14-r003tu, 15-ac021dx, 15-ac106nq, 15-ac157cl, 15-af012nt, 15-af013cl, 15-af015nr, 15-an000na, 15-an000nd, 15-an000nf, 15-an000ng, 15-an000nl, 15-an000no, 15-an001la, 15-an001na, 15-an001ng, 15-an001no, 15-an001np, 15-an002nf, 15-an002ns, 15-an004tx, 15-an031ng, 15-an060nz, 15-an070no, 15-an083ng, 15-ay004ns, 15-ay005np, 15-ay012dx, 15-ay014nz, 15-ay015na, 15-ay033ns, 15-ay038na, 15-ay038ng, 15-ay040na, 15-ay042na, 15-ay044na, 15-ay049na, 15-ay075nf, 15-ay091na, 15-ay092na, 15-ay093na, 15-ay094na, 15-ay142ns, 15-ay144ns, 15-ay145ns, 15-ay146ns, 15-ay147ns, 15-ba010na, 15-ba020nl, 15-ba020no, 15-ba027na, 15-ba029na, 15-ba031na, 15-ba033na, 15-ba096na, 15-ba097na, 15-ba144na, 15-f004wm, 15-f009wm, 15-f010wm, 15-f014wm, 15-f085wm, 15-f133wm, 15-g011nr, 15-g013dx, 15-g019wm, 15-G023CL, 15-g029wm, 15-g035wm, 15-g039wm, 15-g040ca, 15-g070nr, 15-g073nr, 15-g074nr, 15-g075nr, 15-g077nr, 15-g132ds, 15-g133ds, 15-g173wm, 15-r005ei, 15-r005si, 15-r029wm, 15-r030wm, 15-r110dx, 17-x006no, 17-x012na, 17-x015na, 17-x024nz, 17-x035na, 17-x038na, 17-y006no, 17-y010nf, 17-y017na, 17-y032ng, 2000-2d12TU, 2000-2d13TU, 24-g021nf, Chromebook 11-2000nd, Chromebook 11-2000nf, Chromebook 11-2001tu, Chromebook 11-2002tu, Chromebook 11-2010nr, Chromebook 11-2100nd, Chromebook 11-2101tu, Chromebook 11-2102nf, Chromebook 11-2103tu, Chromebook 11-2110nr, Chromebook 11-2110nz, Chromebook 11-2200na, Chromebook 11-2200nd, Chromebook 11-2200nz, Chromebook 11-2201na, Chromebook 11-2201tu, Chromebook 11-2202tu, Chromebook 11-2203tu, Chromebook 14 G3, Chromebook 14-ak000nd, Chromebook 14-ak000nf, Chromebook 14-ak001nf, Chromebook 14-ak001tu, Chromebook 14-ak002tu, Chromebook 14-ak003na, Chromebook 14-ak003tu, Chromebook 14-ak004na, Chromebook 14-ak004nf, Chromebook 14-ak004no, Chromebook 14-ak004tu, Chromebook 14-ak005na, Chromebook 14-ak005nf, Chromebook 14-ak005no, Chromebook 14-ak006na, Chromebook 14-ak013dx, Chromebook 14-q000sa, Chromebook 14-q001la, Chromebook 14-q001sa, Chromebook 14-q002sa, Chromebook 14-q002tu, Chromebook 14-q003sa, Chromebook 14-q004sa, Chromebook 14-q004tu, Chromebook 14-q005sa, Chromebook 14-q005tu, Chromebook 14-Q009TU, Chromebook 14-q010sa, Chromebook 14-q011sa, Chromebook 14-q012sa, Chromebook 14-q029wm, Chromebook 14-q030ea, Chromebook 14-q031ea, Chromebook 14-q073no, Chromebook 14-x000na, Chromebook 14-x000no, Chromebook 14-x001nd, Chromebook 14-x001nf, Chromebook 14-x001no, Chromebook 14-x002nd, Chromebook 14-x002no, Chromebook 14-x003nd, Chromebook 14-x003nf, Chromebook 14-x003no, Chromebook 14-x003tu, Chromebook 14-x004na, Chromebook 14-x004nd, Chromebook 14-x006na, Chromebook 14-x010ns, Chromebook 14-x011nf, Chromebook 14-x012nf, Chromebook 14-x013nf, Chromebook 14-x014nf, Chromebook 14-x016na, Chromebook 14-x017na, Chromebook 14-x020na, Chromebook 14-x021na, Chromebook 14-x023ds, Chromebook 14-x023na, Chromebook 14-x024na, Chromebook 14-X094NF, Chromebook 14-x095nf, Chromebook 14-X096NF, Chromebook 14-x097nf, Chromebook 14-x099nd, Envy 13-ab003no, Envy 15-as100na, Envy 15-as101na, Envy 15-as102na, Envy 15-as103na, Envy 15-as104na, Envy 15-as105nf, Envy 15-k227cl, Envy m7-k010dx, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j157cl, Envy x2 13-j002dx, Envy x2 15-c001dx, ENVY x360 15-aq001ng, ENVY x360 15-aq160nz, ENVY x360 15-u010dx, G4-2306, G42-464LA, G6031EA, Mini 110-1134CL, Mini 110-3110sa, Mini 110-3519la, Mini 110-3524la, Mini 110-3538tu, Mini 110-3627tu, Mini 110-3700la, Mini 110-3720la, Mini 110-4111EA, Mini 1154NR, Mini 200-4200ea, Mini 200-4200sa, Mini 200-4200sb, Mini 200-4200so, Mini 200-4200sp, Mini 200-4200ss, Mini 200-4200sw, Mini 200-4201ea, Mini 200-4201sa, Mini 200-4202ea, Mini 200-4202sa, Mini 200-4202sf, Mini 200-4210ss, Mini 200-4220ss, Mini 210-3015la, Mini 210-3016la, Mini 210-4120ea, Mini 210-4120sa, Mini 210-4122ea, Pavilion 10-e011la, Pavilion 10-e013la, Pavilion 10-f100nf, Pavilion 11-u001ns, Pavilion 13-b000no, Pavilion 13-b100no, Pavilion 13-b220no, Pavilion 13-b221no, Pavilion 13-b230nd, Pavilion 13-b281no, Pavilion 14-ab021la, Pavilion 14-ab109la, Pavilion 14-ab166us, Pavilion 14-al001no, Pavilion 14-al003ng, Pavilion 14-al004ng, Pavilion 14-al005ng, Pavilion 14-al006ng, Pavilion 14-al007ng, Pavilion 14-al011nd, Pavilion 14-al015na, Pavilion 14-al018na, Pavilion 14-al019na, Pavilion 14-al046tx, Pavilion 14-al047tx, Pavilion 14-al050tx, Pavilion 14-al051tx, Pavilion 14-al102nf, Pavilion 14-al102ng, Pavilion 14-al103ng, Pavilion 14-al104ng, Pavilion 14-Al105nf, Pavilion 14-al110nd, Pavilion 14-al120nd, Pavilion 14-al125nd, Pavilion 14-al131ng, Pavilion 14-b002sa, Pavilion 14-b003ea, Pavilion 14-b003sa, Pavilion 14-b006ea, Pavilion 14-b007sa, Pavilion 14-b008ea, Pavilion 14-b103sa, Pavilion 14-b108ed, Pavilion 14-b180la, Pavilion 14-n003la, Pavilion 14-n026la, Pavilion 14-n028la, Pavilion 14-n029la, Pavilion 14-n200sf, Pavilion 14-n203la, Pavilion 14-n207la, Pavilion 14-v001TU, Pavilion 14-v003la, Pavilion 14-v005la, Pavilion 14-v006la, Pavilion 14-v014la, Pavilion 14-v060br, Pavilion 14-v062us, Pavilion 15-ab000na, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab001nh, Pavilion 15-ab002nf, Pavilion 15-ab002nh, Pavilion 15-ab002ns, Pavilion 15-ab003nh, Pavilion 15-ab004la, Pavilion 15-ab004nh, Pavilion 15-ab005nf, Pavilion 15-ab007na, Pavilion 15-ab008nf, Pavilion 15-ab008ng, Pavilion 15-ab009nm, Pavilion 15-ab010na, Pavilion 15-ab010nd, Pavilion 15-ab010nm, Pavilion 15-ab010no, Pavilion 15-ab011nd, Pavilion 15-ab011nf, Pavilion 15-ab011nm, Pavilion 15-ab012na, Pavilion 15-ab012nd, Pavilion 15-ab012nf, Pavilion 15-ab012nl, Pavilion 15-ab013na, Pavilion 15-ab013nf, Pavilion 15-ab014nf, Pavilion 15-ab015na, Pavilion 15-ab015nf, Pavilion 15-ab017na, Pavilion 15-ab018na, Pavilion 15-ab019na, Pavilion 15-ab020na, Pavilion 15-ab020nd, Pavilion 15-ab020nf, Pavilion 15-ab020ng, Pavilion 15-ab020no, Pavilion 15-ab021nf, Pavilion 15-ab022na, Pavilion 15-ab022ng, Pavilion 15-ab022nl, Pavilion 15-ab022no, Pavilion 15-ab024na, Pavilion 15-ab029na, Pavilion 15-ab030no, Pavilion 15-ab032no, Pavilion 15-ab034no, Pavilion 15-ab036nl, Pavilion 15-ab037nl, Pavilion 15-ab038nl, Pavilion 15-ab040no, Pavilion 15-ab042na, Pavilion 15-ab042no, Pavilion 15-ab045nd, Pavilion 15-ab047na, Pavilion 15-ab049na, Pavilion 15-ab052na, Pavilion 15-ab052no, Pavilion 15-ab054na, Pavilion 15-ab054ng, Pavilion 15-ab055ng, Pavilion 15-ab056na, Pavilion 15-ab056ng, Pavilion 15-ab056no, Pavilion 15-ab057nr, Pavilion 15-ab058no, Pavilion 15-ab059na, Pavilion 15-ab062na, Pavilion 15-ab064no, Pavilion 15-ab065na, Pavilion 15-ab065no, Pavilion 15-ab066na, Pavilion 15-ab067no, Pavilion 15-ab068no, Pavilion 15-ab070na, Pavilion 15-ab070no, Pavilion 15-ab071na, Pavilion 15-ab071no, Pavilion 15-ab072no, Pavilion 15-ab073no, Pavilion 15-ab074no, Pavilion 15-ab075na, Pavilion 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TouchSmart 15-g081nr, TouchSmart 15-r134cl, TouchSmart 15-r136wm, TouchSmart 15-r137wm, TouchSmart 15-r143ds, TouchSmart 15-r221cy, TouchSmart 15-r224cy, TouchSmart 15-r226cy, x2 10-p000ns, x2 10-p001ns, x2 10-p002ns, x2 10-p006ns, x2 10-p007ns, x2 10-p030ng, x2 10-p031ng, x360 11-ab002nf, x360 11-ab003nf, x360 11-p100no
Pavilion g6-1341sl (Only for A9K10EA#ABZ)
Pavilion g6-2011em (Only for B6F93EA#BED)
Pavilion g6-2101ea (Only for C0C57EA#ABU)
Pavilion g6-2101sa (Only for B6W91EA#ABU)
Choose Pick-Up and Return Service when you need to quickly access remote problem diagnosis and technical support; improve uptime and productivity with prompt repair services; enhance your standard warranty with Accidental Damage Protection coverage; obtain consistent, expert hardware support backed by HP. This service covers HP Presario notebooks.
Product Description Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labour
Location Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period 3 years
Service Availability 9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Designed For HP 14, 15, 17, 24; Chromebook 11, 14, 14 G3; Envy 13, 15, m7; Envy x2; ENVY x360; Pavilion 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, dm1; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion Sleekbook 14, 15; Pavilion TouchSmart 10, 15, 17; Pavilion x2; x360; Spectre 13; Spectre x360; Split x2; Stream 14; TouchSmart 15; x2; x360
All prices quoted are subject to VAT.
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