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Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement1

Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement
Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - Extended service agreement
Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: U4821E

Art.No.: S1551543

parts and labour, 3 years, pick-up and return, for HP 15; Envy m7; Pavilion 14, 15, 17, dv6; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion x2

Price: 126,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


CQ45-803LA, CQ45-910LA, CQ58-201SG, CQ58-206SL, CQ58-211SC, CQ58-216SL, CQ58-217SL, CQ58-220SL, CQ58-225SL, CQ58-245SW, CQ58-250EC, CQ58-250SC, CQ58-255SC, CQ58-301SR, CQ58-301SS, CQ58-301SW, CQ58-302SP, CQ58-313ES, CQ58-313SS, CQ58-325SR, CQ58-347SG, CQ58-391SG, CQ58-d00SQ, Mini 110c-1100DX, Presario CQ43-172LA, Presario CQ43-177LA, Presario CQ43-264LA, Presario CQ43-265LA, Presario CQ43-266LA, Presario CQ43-272LA, Presario CQ43-416LA, Presario CQ45-800LA, Presario CQ50-215NR, Presario CQ50-217CL, Presario CQ57-105TU, Presario CQ57-441SL, Presario CQ58-100SF, Presario CQ58-100SH, Presario CQ58-145SW, Presario CQ60-216DX, Presario CQ60-419WM, Presario CQ60-420US
CQ58-225EL (Only for D3C04EA#ABZ)
CQ58-304SA (Only for D0X13EA#ABU)
CQ58-d50SO (Only for E1T10EA#UUW)
CQ58-d56SR (Only for D9X79EA#ACB)


1000-1210LA, 1000-1215LA, 1000-1220LA, 1000-1310LA, 1000-1312LA, 1000-1320LA, 1000-1322LA, 1000-1323LA, 1000-1324LA, 1000-1400LA, 1000-1404AU, 1000-1407LA, 1000-1422LA, 1000-1430LA, 1000-1440LA, 1000-1446LA, 1000-1451LA, 14-af112nr, 14-am001no, 14-am002no, 14-am017nl, 14-am018na, 14-an000nf, 14-g030la, 14-r003tu, 15-ac021dx, 15-ac106nq, 15-ac113cl, 15-ac120nr, 15-ac157cl, 15-ac178nr, 15-af012nt, 15-af013cl, 15-af015nr, 15-af120nr, 15-an000na, 15-an000nd, 15-an000nf, 15-an000ng, 15-an000nl, 15-an000no, 15-an001la, 15-an001na, 15-an001ng, 15-an001no, 15-an001np, 15-an002nf, 15-an002ns, 15-an004tx, 15-an031ng, 15-an050ca, 15-an050nr, 15-an051dx, 15-an060nz, 15-an070no, 15-an083ng, 15-an098nr, 15-ay004ns, 15-ay005np, 15-ay012dx, 15-ay014nz, 15-ay015na, 15-ay033ns, 15-ay036na, 15-ay038na, 15-ay038ng, 15-ay040na, 15-ay042na, 15-ay044na, 15-ay049na, 15-ay075nf, 15-ay091na, 15-ay092na, 15-ay093na, 15-ay094na, 15-ay142ns, 15-ay144ns, 15-ay145ns, 15-ay146ns, 15-ay147ns, 15-ba010na, 15-ba020nl, 15-ba020no, 15-ba027na, 15-ba029na, 15-ba031na, 15-ba033na, 15-ba096na, 15-ba097na, 15-ba144na, 15-d050sr, 15-d053sr, 15-f004wm, 15-f009wm, 15-f010wm, 15-f014wm, 15-f085wm, 15-f133wm, 15-f205dx, 15-g011nr, 15-g013dx, 15-g019wm, 15-G023CL, 15-g029wm, 15-g035wm, 15-g039wm, 15-g040ca, 15-g070nr, 15-g073nr, 15-g074nr, 15-g075nr, 15-g077nr, 15-g132ds, 15-g133ds, 15-g173wm, 15-p071nr, 15-r005ei, 15-r005si, 15-r029wm, 15-r030wm, 15-r110dx, 15-r181nr, 17-p121wm, 17-x006no, 17-x012na, 17-x015na, 17-x024nz, 17-x035na, 17-x038na, 17-y006no, 17-y010nf, 17-y017na, 17-y032ng, 2000-2d12TU, 2000-2d13TU, 2000-2d24DX, 2000-2d27DX, 24-g021nf, Chromebook 11-2000nd, Chromebook 11-2000nf, Chromebook 11-2001tu, Chromebook 11-2002tu, Chromebook 11-2010nr, Chromebook 11-2100nd, Chromebook 11-2101tu, Chromebook 11-2102nf, Chromebook 11-2103tu, Chromebook 11-2110nr, Chromebook 11-2110nz, Chromebook 11-2200na, Chromebook 11-2200nd, Chromebook 11-2200nz, Chromebook 11-2201na, Chromebook 11-2201tu, Chromebook 11-2202tu, Chromebook 11-2203tu, Chromebook 14 G3, Chromebook 14-ak000nd, Chromebook 14-ak000nf, Chromebook 14-ak001nf, Chromebook 14-ak001tu, Chromebook 14-ak002tu, Chromebook 14-ak003na, Chromebook 14-ak003tu, Chromebook 14-ak004na, Chromebook 14-ak004nf, Chromebook 14-ak004no, Chromebook 14-ak004tu, Chromebook 14-ak005na, Chromebook 14-ak005nf, Chromebook 14-ak005no, Chromebook 14-ak006na, Chromebook 14-ak010nr, Chromebook 14-ak013dx, Chromebook 14-q000sa, Chromebook 14-q001la, Chromebook 14-q001sa, Chromebook 14-q002sa, Chromebook 14-q002tu, Chromebook 14-q003sa, Chromebook 14-q004la, Chromebook 14-q004sa, Chromebook 14-q004tu, Chromebook 14-q005sa, Chromebook 14-q005tu, Chromebook 14-Q009TU, Chromebook 14-q010nr, Chromebook 14-q010sa, Chromebook 14-q011sa, Chromebook 14-q012sa, Chromebook 14-q020nr, Chromebook 14-q029wm, Chromebook 14-q030ea, Chromebook 14-q030nr, Chromebook 14-q031ea, Chromebook 14-q070nr, Chromebook 14-q073no, Chromebook 14-x000na, Chromebook 14-x000no, Chromebook 14-x001nd, Chromebook 14-x001nf, Chromebook 14-x001no, Chromebook 14-x002nd, Chromebook 14-x002no, Chromebook 14-x003nd, Chromebook 14-x003nf, Chromebook 14-x003no, Chromebook 14-x003tu, Chromebook 14-x004na, Chromebook 14-x004nd, Chromebook 14-x006na, Chromebook 14-x010ns, Chromebook 14-x011nf, Chromebook 14-x012nf, Chromebook 14-x013nf, Chromebook 14-x014nf, Chromebook 14-x016na, Chromebook 14-x017na, Chromebook 14-x020na, Chromebook 14-x021na, Chromebook 14-x023ds, Chromebook 14-x023na, Chromebook 14-x024na, Chromebook 14-X094NF, Chromebook 14-x095nf, Chromebook 14-X096NF, Chromebook 14-x097nf, Chromebook 14-x099nd, Envy 13-ab003no, Envy 15-as100na, Envy 15-as101na, Envy 15-as102na, Envy 15-as103na, Envy 15-as104na, Envy 15-as105nf, Envy 15-j171nr, Envy 15-k220nr, Envy 15-k227cl, Envy 15t, Envy 15-v010nr, Envy dv6-7214nr, Envy dv6-7215nr, Envy dv7-7212nr, Envy m6-n010dx, Envy m7-k010dx, Envy m7-k211dx, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j137cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j140us, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j157cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j177nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j178nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j185nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j186nr, ENVY TouchSmart m7-j120dx, ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook m6-k022dx, Envy x2 13-j002dx, Envy x2 15-c001dx, Envy x2 15-c101dx, ENVY x360 15-aq001ng, ENVY x360 15-aq160nz, ENVY x360 15-u010dx, Folio 13-1000en, Folio 13-1029wm, Folio 13-1053ca, G4-2306, G42-464LA, G50-133US, G60-231WM, G6031EA, G60-445DX, G60-453NR, G70-250US, Mini 110-1014NR, Mini 110-1109NR, Mini 110-1116NR, Mini 110-1125NR, Mini 110-1131DX, Mini 110-1134CL, Mini 110-3018ca, Mini 110-3018CL, Mini 110-3110sa, Mini 110-3518cl, Mini 110-3519la, Mini 110-3524la, Mini 110-3538tu, Mini 110-3627tu, Mini 110-3700la, Mini 110-3720la, Mini 110-3731cl, Mini 110-3880sh, Mini 110-4111EA, Mini 110-4250nr, Mini 1140NR, Mini 1154NR, Mini 200-4200ea, Mini 200-4200sa, Mini 200-4200sb, Mini 200-4200so, Mini 200-4200sp, Mini 200-4200ss, Mini 200-4200sw, Mini 200-4201ea, Mini 200-4201sa, Mini 200-4202ea, Mini 200-4202sa, Mini 200-4202sf, Mini 200-4210ss, Mini 200-4220ss, Mini 210-1018CL, Mini 210-1032CL, Mini 210-1041NR, Mini 210-1076NR, Mini 210-1091NR, Mini 210-1097NR, Mini 210-1199DX, Mini 210-2081NR, Mini 210-3015la, Mini 210-3016la, Mini 210-4120ea, Mini 210-4120sa, Mini 210-4122ea, Mini 311-1000NR, Mini 311-1033CA, Pavilion 10-e011la, Pavilion 10-e013la, Pavilion 10-f100nf, Pavilion 11-u001ns, Pavilion 13-b000no, Pavilion 13-b100no, Pavilion 13-b220no, Pavilion 13-b221no, Pavilion 13-b230nd, Pavilion 13-b281no, Pavilion 14-ab021la, Pavilion 14-ab066us, Pavilion 14-ab109la, Pavilion 14-ab166us, Pavilion 14-ab167us, Pavilion 14-al001no, Pavilion 14-al003ng, Pavilion 14-al004ng, Pavilion 14-al005ng, Pavilion 14-al006ng, Pavilion 14-al007ng, Pavilion 14-al011nd, Pavilion 14-al015na, Pavilion 14-al018na, Pavilion 14-al019na, Pavilion 14-al046tx, Pavilion 14-al047tx, Pavilion 14-al050tx, Pavilion 14-al051tx, Pavilion 14-al102nf, Pavilion 14-al102ng, Pavilion 14-al103ng, Pavilion 14-al104ng, Pavilion 14-Al105nf, Pavilion 14-al110nd, Pavilion 14-al120nd, Pavilion 14-al125nd, Pavilion 14-al131ng, Pavilion 14-b002sa, Pavilion 14-b003ea, Pavilion 14-b003sa, Pavilion 14-b006ea, Pavilion 14-b007sa, Pavilion 14-b008ea, Pavilion 14-b103sa, Pavilion 14-b108ed, Pavilion 14-b180la, Pavilion 14-n003la, Pavilion 14-n005la, Pavilion 14-n013la, Pavilion 14-n020la, Pavilion 14-n026la, Pavilion 14-n028la, Pavilion 14-n029la, Pavilion 14-n036la, Pavilion 14-n200sf, Pavilion 14-n203la, Pavilion 14-n207la, Pavilion 14-v001TU, Pavilion 14-v003la, Pavilion 14-v005la, Pavilion 14-v006la, Pavilion 14-v014la, Pavilion 14-v024ca, Pavilion 14-v038ca, Pavilion 14-v060br, Pavilion 14-v062us, Pavilion 14-v112la, Pavilion 14-v124ca, Pavilion 15-ab000na, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab001nh, Pavilion 15-ab002nf, Pavilion 15-ab002nh, Pavilion 15-ab002ns, Pavilion 15-ab003nh, Pavilion 15-ab004la, Pavilion 15-ab004nh, Pavilion 15-ab005nf, Pavilion 15-ab007na, Pavilion 15-ab008nf, Pavilion 15-ab008ng, Pavilion 15-ab009nm, Pavilion 15-ab010na, Pavilion 15-ab010nd, Pavilion 15-ab010nm, Pavilion 15-ab010no, Pavilion 15-ab010nr, Pavilion 15-ab011nd, Pavilion 15-ab011nf, Pavilion 15-ab011nm, Pavilion 15-ab012na, Pavilion 15-ab012nd, Pavilion 15-ab012nf, Pavilion 15-ab012nl, Pavilion 15-ab013na, Pavilion 15-ab013nf, Pavilion 15-ab014nf, Pavilion 15-ab015na, Pavilion 15-ab015nf, Pavilion 15-ab017na, Pavilion 15-ab018na, Pavilion 15-ab019na, Pavilion 15-ab020ca, Pavilion 15-ab020na, Pavilion 15-ab020nd, Pavilion 15-ab020nf, Pavilion 15-ab020ng, Pavilion 15-ab020no, Pavilion 15-ab020nr, Pavilion 15-ab021ca, Pavilion 15-ab021nf, Pavilion 15-ab022ca, Pavilion 15-ab022na, Pavilion 15-ab022ng, Pavilion 15-ab022nl, Pavilion 15-ab022no, Pavilion 15-ab023cl, Pavilion 15-ab024na, Pavilion 15-ab027cl, Pavilion 15-ab029na, Pavilion 15-ab030no, Pavilion 15-ab032no, Pavilion 15-ab034no, Pavilion 15-ab036nl, Pavilion 15-ab037nl, Pavilion 15-ab038nl, Pavilion 15-ab040no, Pavilion 15-ab042na, Pavilion 15-ab042no, Pavilion 15-ab045nd, Pavilion 15-ab047na, Pavilion 15-ab049na, Pavilion 15-ab052na, Pavilion 15-ab052no, Pavilion 15-ab053nr, Pavilion 15-ab054na, Pavilion 15-ab054ng, Pavilion 15-ab055ng, Pavilion 15-ab056na, Pavilion 15-ab056ng, Pavilion 15-ab056no, Pavilion 15-ab057nr, Pavilion 15-ab058no, Pavilion 15-ab059na, Pavilion 15-ab062na, Pavilion 15-ab063cl, Pavilion 15-ab064no, Pavilion 15-ab065na, Pavilion 15-ab065no, Pavilion 15-ab066na, Pavilion 15-ab067no, Pavilion 15-ab068no, Pavilion 15-ab070na, Pavilion 15-ab070no, Pavilion 15-ab071na, Pavilion 15-ab071no, Pavilion 15-ab072no, Pavilion 15-ab073no, Pavilion 15-ab074no, Pavilion 15-ab075na, Pavilion 15-ab075no, Pavilion 15-ab076na, Pavilion 15-ab077na, Pavilion 15-ab078na, Pavilion 15-ab080nd, Pavilion 15-ab085no, Pavilion 15-ab088ca, Pavilion 15-ab090na, Pavilion 15-ab095na, Pavilion 15-ab098na, Pavilion 15-ab099na, Pavilion 15-ab100nd, Pavilion 15-ab100no, Pavilion 15-ab100ns, Pavilion 15-ab101ax, Pavilion 15-ab101na, Pavilion 15-ab101no, Pavilion 15-ab102au, Pavilion 15-ab102ng, Pavilion 15-ab102no, Pavilion 15-ab102ny, Pavilion 15-ab103au, Pavilion 15-ab103na, Pavilion 15-ab103ng, Pavilion 15-ab103no, Pavilion 15-ab104au, Pavilion 15-ab104na, Pavilion 15-ab104nh, Pavilion 15-ab104no, Pavilion 15-ab105au, Pavilion 15-ab105na, Pavilion 15-ab105nh, Pavilion 15-ab105no, Pavilion 15-ab105ns, Pavilion 15-ab106na, Pavilion 15-ab106nf, Pavilion 15-ab106nh, Pavilion 15-ab106no, Pavilion 15-ab106ns, Pavilion 15-ab107nf, Pavilion 15-ab107ng, Pavilion 15-ab108ng, Pavilion 15-ab108nh, Pavilion 15-ab109ng, Pavilion 15-ab109nh, Pavilion 15-ab109ns, Pavilion 15-ab110na, Pavilion 15-ab110nl, Pavilion 15-ab110no, Pavilion 15-Ab110Nr, Pavilion 15-ab110ns, Pavilion 15-ab111la, Pavilion 15-ab111na, Pavilion 15-ab111ng, Pavilion 15-ab111ns, Pavilion 15-ab112nl, Pavilion 15-ab112no, Pavilion 15-ab112ns, Pavilion 15-ab113n, Pavilion 15-ab113na, Pavilion 15-ab113nl, Pavilion 15-ab114ax, Pavilion 15-ab114na, Pavilion 15-ab114ng, Pavilion 15-ab114no, Pavilion 15-ab114ns, Pavilion 15-ab115ax, Pavilion 15-ab115na, Pavilion 15-ab115ng, Pavilion 15-ab115no, Pavilion 15-ab115ns, Pavilion 15-ab116ax, Pavilion 15-ab116la, Pavilion 15-ab116nl, Pavilion 15-ab116no, Pavilion 15-ab116ns, Pavilion 15-ab117ax, Pavilion 15-ab117na, Pavilion 15-ab117ns, Pavilion 15-ab118ax, Pavilion 15-ab118na, Pavilion 15-ab118no, Pavilion 15-ab118ns, Pavilion 15-ab119ax, Pavilion 15-ab119na, Pavilion 15-ab119no, Pavilion 15-ab120ax, Pavilion 15-ab120ca, Pavilion 15-ab120na, Pavilion 15-ab120nd, Pavilion 15-ab120ng, Pavilion 15-ab121ax, Pavilion 15-ab121ca, Pavilion 15-ab121nd, Pavilion 15-ab121no, Pavilion 15-ab122ax, Pavilion 15-ab122ca, Pavilion 15-ab122no, Pavilion 15-ab123ax, Pavilion 15-ab124ax, Pavilion 15-ab125na, Pavilion 15-ab125no, Pavilion 15-ab126nl, Pavilion 15-ab127na, Pavilion 15-ab128na, Pavilion 15-ab128no, Pavilion 15-ab129no, Pavilion 15-ab130na, Pavilion 15-ab131nd, Pavilion 15-ab133no, Pavilion 15-ab138no, Pavilion 15-ab140nd, Pavilion 15-ab141no, Pavilion 15-ab142cy, Pavilion 15-ab142no, Pavilion 15-ab144no, Pavilion 15-ab146na, Pavilion 15-ab150nm, Pavilion 15-ab150sa, Pavilion 15-ab153nr, Pavilion 15-ab154no, Pavilion 15-ab155sa, Pavilion 15-ab157nr, Pavilion 15-ab160no, Pavilion 15-ab165us, Pavilion 15-ab171no, Pavilion 15-ab173cl, Pavilion 15-ab181no, Pavilion 15-ab182no, Pavilion 15-ab183no, Pavilion 15-ab184no, Pavilion 15-ab188ca, Pavilion 15-ab193no, Pavilion 15-ab194no, Pavilion 15-ab195no, Pavilion 15-ab196no, Pavilion 15-ab200na, Pavilion 15-ab200nd, Pavilion 15-ab200nf, Pavilion 15-ab200nl, Pavilion 15-ab200nm, Pavilion 15-ab200ns, Pavilion 15-ab201nd, Pavilion 15-ab201nh, Pavilion 15-ab201no, Pavilion 15-ab201ns, Pavilion 15-ab202na, Pavilion 15-ab202nd, Pavilion 15-ab202nf, Pavilion 15-ab202ng, Pavilion 15-ab202nh, Pavilion 15-ab202nl, Pavilion 15-ab202no, Pavilion 15-ab203ng, Pavilion 15-ab203nh, Pavilion 15-AB203NL, Pavilion 15-ab203no, Pavilion 15-ab204na, Pavilion 15-ab204nl, Pavilion 15-ab204no, Pavilion 15-ab204ns, Pavilion 15-ab205na, Pavilion 15-ab205nh, Pavilion 15-ab205no, Pavilion 15-ab206nh, Pavilion 15-ab206no, Pavilion 15-ab207nf, Pavilion 15-ab207nh, Pavilion 15-ab207no, Pavilion 15-ab208na, Pavilion 15-ab208nf, Pavilion 15-ab208nh, Pavilion 15-ab210nf, Pavilion 15-ab210nm, Pavilion 15-ab211nd, Pavilion 15-ab211nf, Pavilion 15-ab211nh, Pavilion 15-ab212na, Pavilion 15-ab212nf, Pavilion 15-ab212no, Pavilion 15-ab213no, Pavilion 15-ab214na, Pavilion 15-ab214no, Pavilion 15-ab215na, Pavilion 15-ab215nd, Pavilion 15-ab215no, Pavilion 15-ab216na, Pavilion 15-ab216nf, Pavilion 15-ab216ng, Pavilion 15-ab216nh, Pavilion 15-ab216no, Pavilion 15-ab216ns, Pavilion 15-ab217nf, Pavilion 15-ab217ng, Pavilion 15-ab217nh, Pavilion 15-ab217no, Pavilion 15-ab218nf, Pavilion 15-ab218nh, Pavilion 15-ab219na, Pavilion 15-ab220na, Pavilion 15-ab220nf, Pavilion 15-ab220ng, Pavilion 15-ab220nh, Pavilion 15-ab220no, Pavilion 15-ab220nr, Pavilion 15-ab221na, Pavilion 15-ab221nf, Pavilion 15-ab221ng, Pavilion 15-ab221nh, Pavilion 15-ab221nl, Pavilion 15-ab222na, Pavilion 15-ab222nf, Pavilion 15-ab222nh, Pavilion 15-ab222no, Pavilion 15-ab223cl, Pavilion 15-ab223na, Pavilion 15-ab223ng, Pavilion 15-ab223nh, Pavilion 15-ab224nf, Pavilion 15-ab224nh, Pavilion 15-ab226na, Pavilion 15-ab226nf, Pavilion 15-ab227na, Pavilion 15-ab227nf, Pavilion 15-ab228na, Pavilion 15-ab229na, Pavilion 15-ab231na, Pavilion 15-ab232ng, Pavilion 15-ab232nl, Pavilion 15-ab233na, Pavilion 15-ab233nl, Pavilion 15-ab234na, Pavilion 15-ab234nl, Pavilion 15-ab235na, Pavilion 15-ab235nd, Pavilion 15-ab235ng, Pavilion 15-ab235nl, Pavilion 15-ab236nd, Pavilion 15-ab236nl, Pavilion 15-ab237na, Pavilion 15-ab237nl, Pavilion 15-ab238na, Pavilion 15-ab238tu, Pavilion 15-ab239nf, Pavilion 15-ab239nl, Pavilion 15-ab240na, Pavilion 15-ab241na, Pavilion 15-ab241nd, Pavilion 15-ab242na, Pavilion 15-ab242nf, Pavilion 15-ab243cl, Pavilion 15-ab243na, Pavilion 15-ab243nf, Pavilion 15-ab244na, Pavilion 15-ab244ng, Pavilion 15-ab245nf, Pavilion 15-ab245ng, Pavilion 15-ab246na, Pavilion 15-ab246nf, Pavilion 15-ab247nf, Pavilion 15-ab247ng, Pavilion 15-ab248ng, Pavilion 15-ab249ng, Pavilion 15-ab249nl, Pavilion 15-ab250nf, Pavilion 15-ab250ng, Pavilion 15-ab251nf, Pavilion 15-ab251nl, Pavilion 15-ab251nr, Pavilion 15-ab254ng, Pavilion 15-ab254nm, Pavilion 15-ab255nf, Pavilion 15-ab255ng, Pavilion 15-ab255tx, Pavilion 15-ab256tx, Pavilion 15-ab257ng, Pavilion 15-ab257tx, Pavilion 15-ab258tx, Pavilion 15-ab259nf, Pavilion 15-ab259tx, Pavilion 15-ab260nf, Pavilion 15-ab261nf, Pavilion 15-ab261tx, Pavilion 15-ab262nr, Pavilion 15-ab262tx, Pavilion 15-ab263nf, Pavilion 15-ab264tx, Pavilion 15-ab267nr, Pavilion 15-ab268nf, Pavilion 15-ab269na, Pavilion 15-ab270nd, Pavilion 15-ab270sa, Pavilion 15-ab271na, Pavilion 15-ab271nf, Pavilion 15-ab273ca, Pavilion 15-ab273nf, Pavilion 15-ab276nf, Pavilion 15-ab278nf, Pavilion 15-ab280nd, Pavilion 15-ab500na, Pavilion 15-ab504na, Pavilion 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Pavilion 15-au022tu, Pavilion 15-au023ng, Pavilion 15-au024nl, Pavilion 15-au025nd, Pavilion 15-au025ng, Pavilion 15-au026ng, Pavilion 15-au027ng, Pavilion 15-au028ng, Pavilion 15-au028nl, Pavilion 15-au029na, Pavilion 15-au029nd, Pavilion 15-au029ng, Pavilion 15-au029nl, Pavilion 15-au030na, Pavilion 15-au030nd, Pavilion 15-au030ng, Pavilion 15-au031na, Pavilion 15-au032na, Pavilion 15-au032ng, Pavilion 15-au032nl, Pavilion 15-au033na, Pavilion 15-au033ng, Pavilion 15-au034na, Pavilion 15-au034nl, Pavilion 15-au035na, Pavilion 15-au035nl, Pavilion 15-au036na, Pavilion 15-au036nl, Pavilion 15-au040ng, Pavilion 15-au041ng, Pavilion 15-au042ng, Pavilion 15-au043ng, Pavilion 15-au044ng, Pavilion 15-au045ng, Pavilion 15-au046ng, Pavilion 15-au046tx, Pavilion 15-au050tx, Pavilion 15-au051tx, Pavilion 15-au052tx, Pavilion 15-au068sa, Pavilion 15-au069sa, Pavilion 15-au070sa, Pavilion 15-au072sa, Pavilion 15-au073nd, Pavilion 15-au073tx, Pavilion 15-au074tx, Pavilion 15-au076sa, Pavilion 15-au077sa, Pavilion 15-au078sa, Pavilion 15-au084no, Pavilion 15-au088no, Pavilion 15-au090nd, Pavilion 15-au091nd, Pavilion 15-au092nd, Pavilion 15-au093nd, Pavilion 15-au095nd, Pavilion 15-au100ns, Pavilion 15-au101no, Pavilion 15-au101ns, Pavilion 15-au103na, Pavilion 15-au103nm, Pavilion 15-au103no, Pavilion 15-au104na, Pavilion 15-au104nl, Pavilion 15-au104nm, Pavilion 15-au104no, Pavilion 15-au104ns, Pavilion 15-au105na, Pavilion 15-au105ng, Pavilion 15-au105nl, Pavilion 15-au106na, Pavilion 15-au106ng, Pavilion 15-au106ns, Pavilion 15-au107na, Pavilion 15-au107nf, Pavilion 15-au107ng, Pavilion 15-au107no, Pavilion 15-au107ns, Pavilion 15-au107nz, Pavilion 15-au108na, Pavilion 15-au108nf, Pavilion 15-au108ng, Pavilion 15-au108no, Pavilion 15-au109na, Pavilion 15-au109ng, Pavilion 15-au109no, Pavilion 15-au110na, Pavilion 15-au110nd, Pavilion 15-au110nf, Pavilion 15-au110no, Pavilion 15-au111na, Pavilion 15-au111nd, Pavilion 15-au111no, Pavilion 15-au112na, Pavilion 15-au113na, Pavilion 15-au114na, Pavilion 15-au115na, Pavilion 15-au116na, Pavilion 15-au117na, Pavilion 15-au118na, Pavilion 15-Au119na, Pavilion 15-au119nl, Pavilion 15-au125nd, Pavilion 15-au130nd, Pavilion 15-au130nz, Pavilion 15-au145ng, Pavilion 15-au146ng, Pavilion 15-au180nz, Pavilion 15-aw000nl, Pavilion 15-aw000np, Pavilion 15-aw001au, Pavilion 15-aw001np, Pavilion 15-aw002na, Pavilion 15-aw002no, Pavilion 15-aw003no, Pavilion 15-aw004ax, Pavilion 15-aw004na, Pavilion 15-aw004ng, Pavilion 15-aw005no, Pavilion 15-aw006ng, Pavilion 15-aw006no, Pavilion 15-aw009na, Pavilion 15-aw009no, Pavilion 15-aw010na, Pavilion 15-aw010no, Pavilion 15-aw011no, Pavilion 15-aw015ng, Pavilion 15-aw016no, Pavilion 15-aw021na, Pavilion 15-aw021nd, Pavilion 15-aw022na, Pavilion 15-aw022nd, Pavilion 15-Aw025na, Pavilion 15-aw026na, Pavilion 15-aw065sa, Pavilion 15-aw070no, Pavilion 15-aw073no, Pavilion 15-bc000nf, Pavilion 15-bc000ng, Pavilion 15-bc000np, Pavilion 15-bc001ng, Pavilion 15-Bc002na, Pavilion 15-bc002no, Pavilion 15-bc002ns, Pavilion 15-bc003ng, Pavilion 15-bc003no, Pavilion 15-bc004ng, Pavilion 15-bc004ns, Pavilion 15-bc005na, Pavilion 15-bc005ng, Pavilion 15-bc005ns, Pavilion 15-bc006na, Pavilion 15-bc006ng, Pavilion 15-bc006no, Pavilion 15-bc006ns, Pavilion 15-bc007ng, Pavilion 15-bc008ng, Pavilion 15-bc009na, Pavilion 15-bc009ng, Pavilion 15-bc009nl, Pavilion 15-bc009ns, Pavilion 15-bc010nd, Pavilion 15-bc011na, Pavilion 15-bc011ng, Pavilion 15-bc011nl, Pavilion 15-bc012ng, Pavilion 15-bc014nl, Pavilion 15-bc018nl, Pavilion 15-bc019nl, Pavilion 15-bc021nf, Pavilion 15-bc024nl, Pavilion 15-bc031nd, Pavilion 15-bc031ng, Pavilion 15-bc035nd, Pavilion 15-bc075nd, Pavilion 15-bc090na, Pavilion 15-bc210nd, Pavilion 15-bc235nd, Pavilion 15-bj000nd, Pavilion 15-bj000nh, Pavilion 15-e004TX, Pavilion 15-e005sf, Pavilion 15-e011nr, Pavilion 15-e016AU, Pavilion 15-e018nr, Pavilion 15-e027ca, Pavilion 15-e037cl, Pavilion 15-e068si, Pavilion 15-e099ca, Pavilion 15-e181nr, Pavilion 15-e187nr, Pavilion 15-n001la, Pavilion 15-n002la, Pavilion 15-n013ca, Pavilion 15-n019wm, Pavilion 15-n020ca, Pavilion 15-n025sw, Pavilion 15-n027sl, Pavilion 15-n028us, Pavilion 15-n030sa, Pavilion 15-n031sf, Pavilion 15-n032sa, Pavilion 15-n034sa, Pavilion 15-n039ea, Pavilion 15-n041sf, Pavilion 15-n048ca, Pavilion 15-n050sh, Pavilion 15-n051sh, Pavilion 15-n051sm, Pavilion 15-n052sh, Pavilion 15-n055sm, Pavilion 15-n064nr, Pavilion 15-n065sw, Pavilion 15-n066so, Pavilion 15-n070sw, Pavilion 15-n093nr, Pavilion 15-n200ei, Pavilion 15-n200nr, Pavilion 15-n200sh, Pavilion 15-n200si, Pavilion 15-n201nr, Pavilion 15-n202sf, Pavilion 15-n203nf, Pavilion 15-n203tu, Pavilion 15-n204nr, Pavilion 15-n204sa, Pavilion 15-n205eh, Pavilion 15-n205nr, Pavilion 15-n206ax, Pavilion 15-n206nr, Pavilion 15-n207nr, Pavilion 15-n209nr, Pavilion 15-n209sa, Pavilion 15-n209sf, Pavilion 15-n210es, Pavilion 15-n210nr, Pavilion 15-n211dx, Pavilion 15-n211nr, Pavilion 15-n211sf, Pavilion 15-n211tx, Pavilion 15-n212sg, Pavilion 15-n212sl, Pavilion 15-N212TU, Pavilion 15-n212tx, Pavilion 15-n213ca, Pavilion 15-n213ed, Pavilion 15-n213sl, Pavilion 15-n213tx, Pavilion 15-n214ei, Pavilion 15-n214es, Pavilion 15-n214si, Pavilion 15-n214tx, Pavilion 15-n215ei, Pavilion 15-n215nr, Pavilion 15-n215si, Pavilion 15-n217sa, Pavilion 15-n218es, Pavilion 15-n219eo, Pavilion 15-n219nr, Pavilion 15-n220sf, Pavilion 15-n221so, Pavilion 15-n222sa, Pavilion 15-n222sm, Pavilion 15-n222so, Pavilion 15-n227sf, Pavilion 15-n228nr, Pavilion 15-n229nr, Pavilion 15-n230nr, Pavilion 15-n230us, Pavilion 15-n233ca, Pavilion 15-n234sl, Pavilion 15-n235sl, Pavilion 15-n236sl, Pavilion 15-n237nr, Pavilion 15-n239ca, Pavilion 15-n239nr, Pavilion 15-n239sl, Pavilion 15-n241nf, Pavilion 15-n243cl, Pavilion 15-n245sa, Pavilion 15-n246sa, Pavilion 15-n247nf, Pavilion 15-n250ca, Pavilion 15-n250sh, Pavilion 15-n251el, Pavilion 15-n258nr, Pavilion 15-n261eo, Pavilion 15-n263nr, Pavilion 15-n264el, Pavilion 15-n265sm, Pavilion 15-n268ei, Pavilion 15-n268si, Pavilion 15-n269ei, Pavilion 15-n269si, Pavilion 15-n290nr, Pavilion 15-p000sh, Pavilion 15-p001sh, Pavilion 15-p002la, Pavilion 15-p003la, Pavilion 15-p005tu, Pavilion 15-p006la, Pavilion 15-p006ns, Pavilion 15-p007ns, Pavilion 15-p008tx, Pavilion 15-p009si, Pavilion 15-p009tx, Pavilion 15-p010la, Pavilion 15-p010si, Pavilion 15-p011nr, Pavilion 15-p011si, Pavilion 15-p011tx, Pavilion 15-p012si, Pavilion 15-p013tx, Pavilion 15-p015sw, Pavilion 15-p020nd, Pavilion 15-p021nr, Pavilion 15-p022ca, Pavilion 15-p022nr, Pavilion 15-p023nr, Pavilion 15-p024nr, Pavilion 15-p026nr, Pavilion 15-p027nr, Pavilion 15-p028nr, Pavilion 15-p029nr, Pavilion 15-p030nr, Pavilion 15-p030sw, Pavilion 15-p032nd, Pavilion 15-p033ca, Pavilion 15-p033cl, Pavilion 15-p033no, Pavilion 15-p035nf, Pavilion 15-p036nf, Pavilion 15-p037nl, Pavilion 15-p042nr, Pavilion 15-p045nd, Pavilion 15-p047nf, Pavilion 15-p047nl, Pavilion 15-p050nr, Pavilion 15-p050sh, Pavilion 15-p050sm, Pavilion 15-p051sh, Pavilion 15-p052nd, Pavilion 15-p052sh, Pavilion 15-p053nd, Pavilion 15-p062no, Pavilion 15-p064us, Pavilion 15-p066us, Pavilion 15-p080no, Pavilion 15-p081no, Pavilion 15-p082nr, Pavilion 15-p084no, Pavilion 15-p085no, Pavilion 15-p086no, Pavilion 15-p099no, Pavilion 15-p100dx, Pavilion 15-p100no, Pavilion 15-p101nl, Pavilion 15-p101nm, Pavilion 15-p107no, Pavilion 15-p108no, Pavilion 15-p109no, Pavilion 15-p113ng, Pavilion 15-p114dx, Pavilion 15-p114ng, Pavilion 15-p133cl, Pavilion 15-p139nl, Pavilion 15-p142nd, Pavilion 15-p142nl, Pavilion 15-p143cl, Pavilion 15-p144nl, Pavilion 15-p145nl, Pavilion 15-p145no, Pavilion 15-p151no, Pavilion 15-p151nr, Pavilion 15-p152nm, Pavilion 15-p152no, Pavilion 15-p153nm, Pavilion 15-p155nf, Pavilion 15-p155no, Pavilion 15-p156no, Pavilion 15-p157cl, Pavilion 15-p157no, Pavilion 15-p182no, Pavilion 15-p184ca, Pavilion 15-p203la, Pavilion 15-p203na, Pavilion 15-p205nm, Pavilion 15-p206nm, Pavilion 15-p207nm, Pavilion 15-p209ng, Pavilion 15-p211ax, Pavilion 15-p211ng, Pavilion 15-p213cl, Pavilion 15-p215ng, Pavilion 15-p219ns, Pavilion 15-p220na, Pavilion 15-p220no, Pavilion 15-p221nr, Pavilion 15-p222nr, Pavilion 15-p223nr, Pavilion 15-p224nr, Pavilion 15-p225nr, Pavilion 15-p226nr, Pavilion 15-p227nr, Pavilion 15-p228TX, Pavilion 15-p230tu, Pavilion 15-p233nd, Pavilion 15-P233TU, Pavilion 15-p234nd, Pavilion 15-p235TX, Pavilion 15-p241no, Pavilion 15-p244no, Pavilion 15-p246nl, Pavilion 15-p247nf, Pavilion 15-p250nf, Pavilion 15-p250nh, Pavilion 15-p251no, Pavilion 15-p252na, Pavilion 15-p253nh, Pavilion 15-p254no, Pavilion 15-p255nh, Pavilion 15-p256nm, Pavilion 15-p256ns, Pavilion 15-p257ng, Pavilion 15-p257nm, Pavilion 15-p258nl, Pavilion 15-p258nm, Pavilion 15-p259nf, Pavilion 15-p259nm, Pavilion 15-p259no, Pavilion 15-p260nm, Pavilion 15-p261nd, Pavilion 15-p261nm, Pavilion 15-p262nd, Pavilion 15-p262ns, Pavilion 15-p263nr, Pavilion 15-p263ns, Pavilion 15-p264nl, Pavilion 15-p264ns, Pavilion 15-p265nf, Pavilion 15-p265no, Pavilion 15-p265ns, Pavilion 15-p265tx, Pavilion 15-p267no, Pavilion 15-p268no, Pavilion 15-p273nd, Pavilion 15-p274nf, Pavilion 15-p276nf, Pavilion 15-p279na, Pavilion 15-p291no, Pavilion 15-p293na, Pavilion 15-p294na, Pavilion 15-p296na, Pavilion 15-p297na, Pavilion 15-p298na, Pavilion 15-p299na, Pavilion 15-p390nr, Pavilion 15t, Pavilion 17-ab000nd, Pavilion 17-ab000nf, Pavilion 17-ab000ng, Pavilion 17-ab001ng, Pavilion 17-ab001no, Pavilion 17-ab001ns, Pavilion 17-ab002na, Pavilion 17-ab002ng, Pavilion 17-ab003na, Pavilion 17-ab003ng, Pavilion 17-ab003no, Pavilion 17-ab004na, Pavilion 17-ab004ng, Pavilion 17-ab004no, Pavilion 17-ab004ns, Pavilion 17-ab006ng, Pavilion 17-ab006ns, Pavilion 17-ab007ns, Pavilion 17-ab009ng, Pavilion 17-ab010nf, Pavilion 17-ab010ng, Pavilion 17-ab011ng, Pavilion 17-ab011nl, Pavilion 17-ab016nl, Pavilion 17-ab031ng, Pavilion 17-ab033ng, Pavilion 17-ab036nz, Pavilion 17-ab040nd, Pavilion 17-ab086ng, Pavilion 17-ab200na, Pavilion 17-ab200nd, Pavilion 17-ab200nf, Pavilion 17-ab204nl, Pavilion 17-ab240nd, Pavilion 17-e000sw, Pavilion 17-e005ew, Pavilion 17-e016dx, Pavilion 17-e017cl, Pavilion 17-e019dx, Pavilion 17-e020us, Pavilion 17-e021sf, Pavilion 17-e028ca, Pavilion 17-e037CL, Pavilion 17-e039nr, Pavilion 17-e040us, Pavilion 17-e042sa, Pavilion 17-e046us, Pavilion 17-e049wm, Pavilion 17-e054ca, Pavilion 17-e055nr, Pavilion 17-e067cl, Pavilion 17-e074nr, Pavilion 17-e076nr, Pavilion 17-e078nr, Pavilion 17-e099ed, Pavilion 17-e100sh, Pavilion 17-e102sf, Pavilion 17-e103el, Pavilion 17-e105sa, Pavilion 17-e105sf, Pavilion 17-e106nf, Pavilion 17-e106so, Pavilion 17-e108nr, Pavilion 17-e109nr, Pavilion 17-e110dx, Pavilion 17-e110eo, Pavilion 17-e110sf, Pavilion 17-e110sw, Pavilion 17-e112dx, Pavilion 17-e113dx, Pavilion 17-e113sh, Pavilion 17-e113sm, Pavilion 17-e114sf, Pavilion 17-e114sm, Pavilion 17-e115nf, Pavilion 17-e115sm, Pavilion 17-e117dx, Pavilion 17-e118dx, Pavilion 17-e119wm, Pavilion 17-e120ca, Pavilion 17-e120sd, Pavilion 17-e121ca, Pavilion 17-e122ca, Pavilion 17-e127sf, Pavilion 17-e130us, Pavilion 17-e131nr, Pavilion 17-e131sf, Pavilion 17-e134nr, Pavilion 17-e135nr, Pavilion 17-e135sw, Pavilion 17-e137cl, Pavilion 17-e137nf, Pavilion 17-e146us, Pavilion 17-e147nr, Pavilion 17-e149nr, Pavilion 17-e150nf, Pavilion 17-e150nr, Pavilion 17-e151nr, Pavilion 17-e153ca, Pavilion 17-e158sm, Pavilion 17-e163nf, Pavilion 17-e165es, Pavilion 17-E166nr, Pavilion 17-e171nr, Pavilion 17-e172nr, Pavilion 17-e175nr, Pavilion 17-e176nr, Pavilion 17-e180nr, Pavilion 17-e189nr, Pavilion 17-E193nr, Pavilion 17-E194nr, Pavilion 17-E195nr, Pavilion 17-e196nr, Pavilion 17-E197nr, Pavilion 17-e198nr, Pavilion 17-E199NR, Pavilion 17-f000sm, Pavilion 17-f001sm, Pavilion 17-f002sm, Pavilion 17-f003ng, Pavilion 17-f004dx, Pavilion 17-f010us, Pavilion 17-f019wm, Pavilion 17-f021nr, Pavilion 17-f025ng, Pavilion 17-f026ds, Pavilion 17-f027ds, Pavilion 17-f028ca, Pavilion 17-f028nr, Pavilion 17-f029wm, Pavilion 17-f030us, Pavilion 17-f032cy, Pavilion 17-f033nd, Pavilion 17-f035nd, Pavilion 17-f040nd, Pavilion 17-f040us, Pavilion 17-f041nf, Pavilion 17-f046nf, Pavilion 17-f046nr, Pavilion 17-f047nr, Pavilion 17-f048ca, Pavilion 17-f049nr, Pavilion 17-f050sm, Pavilion 17-f051nf, Pavilion 17-f052nf, Pavilion 17-f053us, Pavilion 17-f061us, Pavilion 17-f064nf, Pavilion 17-f065us, Pavilion 17-f071nr, Pavilion 17-f076no, Pavilion 17-f100nm, Pavilion 17-f100np, Pavilion 17-f101nh, Pavilion 17-f102no, Pavilion 17-f103no, Pavilion 17-f105ng, Pavilion 17-f110nw, Pavilion 17-f113dx, Pavilion 17-f114dx, Pavilion 17-f115dx, Pavilion 17-f118nf, Pavilion 17-f121ds, Pavilion 17-f122ds, Pavilion 17-f123ds, Pavilion 17-f124ds, Pavilion 17-f125ds, Pavilion 17-f127ds, Pavilion 17-f131ds, Pavilion 17-f132ds, Pavilion 17-f133ds, Pavilion 17-f134ds, Pavilion 17-f135ds, Pavilion 17-f136ds, Pavilion 17-f137ds, Pavilion 17-f138ds, Pavilion 17-f139ds, Pavilion 17-f140nl, Pavilion 17-f140no, Pavilion 17-f145nl, Pavilion 17-f150nm, Pavilion 17-f151nm, Pavilion 17-f152nm, Pavilion 17-f153nm, Pavilion 17-f167nr, Pavilion 17-f171no, Pavilion 17-f184ca, Pavilion 17-f200nf, Pavilion 17-f200nh, Pavilion 17-f200no, Pavilion 17-f201nh, Pavilion 17-f202nh, Pavilion 17-f206ns, Pavilion 17-f207ng, Pavilion 17-f207ns, Pavilion 17-f208nm, Pavilion 17-f209ns, Pavilion 17-f210ns, Pavilion 17-f212ng, Pavilion 17-f212no, Pavilion 17-f217ng, Pavilion 17-f222nr, Pavilion 17-F223NR, Pavilion 17-F224NR, Pavilion 17-f225nf, Pavilion 17-f225nl, Pavilion 17-F225NR, Pavilion 17-f226nr, Pavilion 17-F227NR, Pavilion 17-f228nf, Pavilion 17-f229nf, Pavilion 17-f230ca, Pavilion 17-f232nf, Pavilion 17-f233no, Pavilion 17-f234nd, Pavilion 17-f236nd, Pavilion 17-f236nf, Pavilion 17-f237nf, Pavilion 17-f239nd, Pavilion 17-f240no, Pavilion 17-f241no, Pavilion 17-f247nf, Pavilion 17-f248ng, Pavilion 17-f250nm, Pavilion 17-f253no, Pavilion 17-f257nm, Pavilion 17-F258CA, Pavilion 17-f258nm, Pavilion 17-f259no, Pavilion 17-f262ng, Pavilion 17-f262no, Pavilion 17-f262nr, Pavilion 17-f263ng, Pavilion 17-f267no, Pavilion 17-f272nf, Pavilion 17-f277nf, Pavilion 17-f281no, Pavilion 17-f283nf, Pavilion 17-f285nd, Pavilion 17-f286nf, Pavilion 17-f288nf, Pavilion 17-f294nf, Pavilion 17-f295nd, Pavilion 17-f295nf, Pavilion 17-f296nf, Pavilion 17-g000na, Pavilion 17-g000nd, Pavilion 17-g000nf, Pavilion 17-g001na, Pavilion 17-g002na, Pavilion 17-g002nd, Pavilion 17-g002no, Pavilion 17-g003ng, Pavilion 17-g003nm, Pavilion 17-g003no, Pavilion 17-g003ns, Pavilion 17-g004nf, Pavilion 17-g004no, Pavilion 17-g005nf, Pavilion 17-g005nl, Pavilion 17-g006na, Pavilion 17-g006nf, Pavilion 17-g006no, Pavilion 17-g007na, Pavilion 17-g007nf, Pavilion 17-g008na, Pavilion 17-g009ng, Pavilion 17-g009nm, Pavilion 17-g010na, Pavilion 17-g010nf, Pavilion 17-g010ng, Pavilion 17-g010nm, Pavilion 17-g011na, Pavilion 17-g011nm, Pavilion 17-g012na, Pavilion 17-g013nf, Pavilion 17-g013ng, Pavilion 17-g013no, Pavilion 17-g014no, Pavilion 17-g015dx, Pavilion 17-g015na, Pavilion 17-g016na, Pavilion 17-g016nf, Pavilion 17-g017na, Pavilion 17-g017nf, Pavilion 17-g018na, Pavilion 17-g018nf, Pavilion 17-g019na, Pavilion 17-g020nf, Pavilion 17-g020nr, Pavilion 17-g022nf, Pavilion 17-g023ng, Pavilion 17-g024nd, Pavilion 17-g024ng, Pavilion 17-g025nd, Pavilion 17-g030ca, Pavilion 17-g030ds, Pavilion 17-g030no, Pavilion 17-g030nr, Pavilion 17-g031ds, Pavilion 17-g031no, Pavilion 17-g032ds, Pavilion 17-g033ds, Pavilion 17-g034ds, Pavilion 17-g035nd, Pavilion 17-g040no, Pavilion 17-g040nr, Pavilion 17-g045no, Pavilion 17-g047nd, Pavilion 17-g050nl, Pavilion 17-g052nf, Pavilion 17-g052ng, Pavilion 17-g053ng, Pavilion 17-g053us, Pavilion 17-g056ng, Pavilion 17-g061us, Pavilion 17-g070ca, Pavilion 17-g071no, Pavilion 17-g077cl, Pavilion 17-g093ng, Pavilion 17-g099nr, Pavilion 17-g100nd, Pavilion 17-g100nl, Pavilion 17-g101AU, Pavilion 17-g101AX, Pavilion 17-g101dx, Pavilion 17-g101nd, Pavilion 17-g101nf, Pavilion 17-G101NL, Pavilion 17-g101no, Pavilion 17-g102AU, Pavilion 17-g102AX, Pavilion 17-g102na, Pavilion 17-g102nf, Pavilion 17-g102ng, Pavilion 17-g102ni, Pavilion 17-g102nm, Pavilion 17-g102no, Pavilion 17-g103dx, Pavilion 17-g103na, Pavilion 17-g103nl, Pavilion 17-g103ns, Pavilion 17-g104nf, Pavilion 17-g104ng, Pavilion 17-g104no, Pavilion 17-g105ng, Pavilion 17-g105nl, Pavilion 17-g105ns, Pavilion 17-g106na, Pavilion 17-g106nl, Pavilion 17-g107nf, Pavilion 17-g108na, Pavilion 17-g108ng, Pavilion 17-g108no, Pavilion 17-g109nf, Pavilion 17-g109ng, Pavilion 17-g109no, Pavilion 17-g110na, Pavilion 17-g110nd, Pavilion 17-g110nf, Pavilion 17-g110ng, Pavilion 17-G110NL, Pavilion 17-g110nm, Pavilion 17-g111na, Pavilion 17-g111nd, Pavilion 17-g111ng, Pavilion 17-g112na, Pavilion 17-g112ng, Pavilion 17-g113cl, Pavilion 17-g113dx, Pavilion 17-g114nf, Pavilion 17-g114ng, Pavilion 17-g114nl, Pavilion 17-g115na, Pavilion 17-g115nd, Pavilion 17-g115ng, Pavilion 17-g116nf, Pavilion 17-g118nf, Pavilion 17-g119dx, Pavilion 17-g119nf, Pavilion 17-g120ds, Pavilion 17-g120na, Pavilion 17-g120nd, Pavilion 17-g120nf, Pavilion 17-g120ng, Pavilion 17-g120nr, Pavilion 17-g121ds, Pavilion 17-g121nd, Pavilion 17-g121nf, Pavilion 17-g121ng, Pavilion 17-g121wm, Pavilion 17-g122ds, Pavilion 17-g122ng, Pavilion 17-g123ds, Pavilion 17-g123na, Pavilion 17-G123NF, Pavilion 17-g124ds, Pavilion 17-g124na, Pavilion 17-g125cy, Pavilion 17-g125ds, Pavilion 17-g126cy, Pavilion 17-g126ds, Pavilion 17-g126nd, Pavilion 17-g127cl, Pavilion 17-g127ds, Pavilion 17-g127nd, Pavilion 17-g128cy, Pavilion 17-g128ds, Pavilion 17-g129nf, Pavilion 17-g130ca, Pavilion 17-g130cy, Pavilion 17-g130ds, Pavilion 17-g130na, Pavilion 17-g130nd, Pavilion 17-g130nr, Pavilion 17-g131na, Pavilion 17-g131ng, Pavilion 17-g132cy, Pavilion 17-g132ds, Pavilion 17-g132ng, Pavilion 17-g133cl, Pavilion 17-g133ng, Pavilion 17-g134ds, Pavilion 17-g135na, Pavilion 17-g136na, Pavilion 17-g136ng, Pavilion 17-G137NF, Pavilion 17-g140nr, Pavilion 17-g142nf, Pavilion 17-g142ng, Pavilion 17-g144nf, Pavilion 17-g146nf, Pavilion 17-g147cy, Pavilion 17-g148nf, Pavilion 17-g148ng, Pavilion 17-g149nf, Pavilion 17-G150NA, Pavilion 17-g150nd, Pavilion 17-g150nh, Pavilion 17-g150no, Pavilion 17-g150ns, Pavilion 17-g151nh, Pavilion 17-g151no, Pavilion 17-g152ng, Pavilion 17-g152nl, Pavilion 17-g152nm, Pavilion 17-g152no, Pavilion 17-g153cy, Pavilion 17-g153na, Pavilion 17-g153ng, Pavilion 17-g153no, Pavilion 17-g154ng, Pavilion 17-g154nh, Pavilion 17-g154nl, Pavilion 17-g154no, Pavilion 17-g155ng, Pavilion 17-g155nh, Pavilion 17-g155nl, Pavilion 17-g157ng, Pavilion 17-g158nf, Pavilion 17-g159nf, Pavilion 17-g160nf, Pavilion 17-g160no, Pavilion 17-g161nd, Pavilion 17-g161nf, Pavilion 17-g161us, Pavilion 17-g162no, Pavilion 17-g163no, Pavilion 17-g163nr, Pavilion 17-g164ng, Pavilion 17-g164no, Pavilion 17-g165no, Pavilion 17-g167cl, Pavilion 17-g170ca, Pavilion 17-g170nd, Pavilion 17-g171nd, Pavilion 17-g171nf, Pavilion 17-g172nd, Pavilion 17-g172nf, Pavilion 17-g173ca, Pavilion 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12-b000ng, Pavilion x2 12-b000nl, Pavilion x2 12-b000no, Pavilion x2 12-b001na, Pavilion x2 12-b002nf, Pavilion x2 12-b002ns, Pavilion x2 12-b002tu, Pavilion x2 12-b003nf, Pavilion x2 12-b005nf, Pavilion x2 12-b030ng, Pavilion x2 12-b080ng, Pavilion x2 12-b100na, Pavilion x2 12-b100nf, Pavilion x2 12-b100nl, Pavilion x2 12-b100no, Pavilion x2 12-b101nf, Pavilion x2 12-b101ng, Pavilion x2 12-b101no, Pavilion x2 12-B101ns, Pavilion x2 12-b102nl, Pavilion x2 13-p110nr, Pavilion x2 13-p111nr, Pavilion x2 13-p113cl, Pavilion x2 13-p120ca, Pavilion x2 13-p120nr, Pavilion x2 13-r100dx, Pavilion x360 11-b000nf, Pavilion x360 11-k002na, Pavilion x360 11-k003nc, Pavilion x360 11-k003no, Pavilion x360 11-k007na, Pavilion x360 11-k009TU, Pavilion x360 11-k010TU, Pavilion x360 11-k011TU, Pavilion x360 11-k012TU, Pavilion x360 11-k013TU, Pavilion x360 11-k017tu, Pavilion x360 11-k018TU, Pavilion x360 11-k026ca, Pavilion x360 11-k061nr, Pavilion x360 11-k062nr, Pavilion x360 11-k100na, Pavilion x360 11-k100nd, Pavilion x360 11-k100nf, Pavilion x360 11-k100ng, Pavilion x360 11-k100nl, Pavilion x360 11-k100no, Pavilion x360 11-K100NS, Pavilion x360 11-k101na, Pavilion x360 11-k101nd, Pavilion x360 11-k101ng, Pavilion x360 11-k101nl, Pavilion x360 11-K101NO, Pavilion x360 11-K101NS, Pavilion x360 11-k102la, Pavilion x360 11-k102na, Pavilion x360 11-k102nd, Pavilion x360 11-k102nf, Pavilion x360 11-k102ng, Pavilion x360 11-k102nl, Pavilion x360 11-K102NS, Pavilion x360 11-K102TU, Pavilion x360 11-k103na, Pavilion x360 11-k103nf, Pavilion x360 11-k103ng, Pavilion x360 11-K103NL, Pavilion x360 11-K103NO, Pavilion x360 11-K103NS, Pavilion x360 11-K103TU, Pavilion x360 11-k104na, Pavilion x360 11-k105na, Pavilion x360 11-k105no, Pavilion x360 11-k106nf, Pavilion x360 11-k106no, Pavilion x360 11-k107na, Pavilion x360 11-k107no, Pavilion x360 11-k108no, Pavilion x360 11-k109na, Pavilion x360 11-k109no, Pavilion x360 11-k110nd, Pavilion x360 11-k114nf, Pavilion x360 11-k117cl, Pavilion x360 11-k117nf, Pavilion x360 11-k120ca, Pavilion x360 11-k120ds, Pavilion x360 11-k120nd, Pavilion x360 11-k120nr, Pavilion x360 11-k121ds, Pavilion x360 11-k122ds, Pavilion x360 11-k128TU, Pavilion x360 11-k129tu, Pavilion x360 11-K130TU, Pavilion x360 11-K131TU, Pavilion x360 11-K132TU, Pavilion x360 11-K133TU, Pavilion x360 11-k134tu, Pavilion x360 11-k137cl, Pavilion x360 11-k154sa, Pavilion x360 11-k161la, Pavilion x360 11-K161nr, Pavilion x360 11-k162nr, Pavilion x360 11-k164nr, Pavilion x360 11-k180nd, Pavilion x360 11-k180ng, Pavilion x360 11-K180NO, Pavilion x360 11-K181NO, Pavilion x360 11-n000ea, Pavilion x360 11-n000ed, Pavilion x360 11-n000eh, Pavilion x360 11-n000el, Pavilion x360 11-n000eo, Pavilion x360 11-n000es, Pavilion x360 11-n000na, Pavilion x360 11-n000nf, Pavilion x360 11-n000no, Pavilion x360 11-n000sa, Pavilion x360 11-n000sl, Pavilion x360 11-n001ea, Pavilion x360 11-n001ed, Pavilion x360 11-n001eo, Pavilion x360 11-n001na, Pavilion x360 11-n001ng, Pavilion x360 11-n001nl, Pavilion x360 11-n001no, Pavilion x360 11-n001sa, Pavilion x360 11-n001sl, Pavilion x360 11-n002ng, Pavilion x360 11-n002ns, Pavilion x360 11-n003ec, Pavilion x360 11-n003ng, Pavilion x360 11-n003ns, Pavilion x360 11-n004na, Pavilion x360 11-n005na, Pavilion x360 11-n005ns, Pavilion x360 11-n006na, Pavilion x360 11-n006ns, Pavilion x360 11-n007na, Pavilion x360 11-n007ns, Pavilion x360 11-n008TU, Pavilion x360 11-n009TU, Pavilion x360 11-n010dx, Pavilion x360 11-n010en, Pavilion x360 11-n010eo, Pavilion x360 11-n010la, Pavilion x360 11-n010na, Pavilion x360 11-n010sn, Pavilion x360 11-n011dx, Pavilion x360 11-n011ei, Pavilion x360 11-n011na, Pavilion x360 11-n011ns, Pavilion x360 11-n011si, Pavilion x360 11-n012dx, Pavilion x360 11-n012na, Pavilion x360 11-n012ns, Pavilion x360 11-n013na, Pavilion x360 11-n014na, Pavilion x360 11-n015la, Pavilion x360 11-n017TU, Pavilion x360 11-n020eo, Pavilion x360 11-n020na, Pavilion x360 11-n020nf, Pavilion x360 11-n020nl, Pavilion x360 11-n022no, Pavilion x360 11-n022nw, Pavilion x360 11-n024nf, Pavilion x360 11-n030no, Pavilion x360 11-n031no, Pavilion x360 11-n032ew, Pavilion x360 11-n034tu, Pavilion x360 11-n035no, Pavilion x360 11-n035tu, Pavilion x360 11-n038ca, Pavilion x360 11-n040nd, Pavilion x360 11-n045nd, Pavilion x360 11-n050nd, Pavilion x360 11-n055nd, Pavilion x360 11-n070eg, Pavilion x360 11-n070sg, Pavilion x360 11-n071eg, Pavilion x360 11-n071sg, Pavilion x360 11-n072ng, Pavilion x360 11-n077ng, Pavilion x360 11-n078ng, Pavilion x360 11-n081nd, Pavilion x360 11-n083nf, Pavilion x360 11-n084na, Pavilion x360 11-n088nf, Pavilion x360 11-n100nf, Pavilion x360 11-u001ng, Pavilion x360 11-u001no, Pavilion x360 11-u002na, Pavilion x360 11-u002ng, Pavilion x360 11-u003na, Pavilion x360 11-u004na, Pavilion x360 11-u004nd, Pavilion x360 11-u006na, Pavilion x360 11-u010nd, Pavilion x360 11-u019tu, Pavilion x360 11-u021tu, Pavilion x360 11-u023tu, Pavilion x360 13-a000ew, Pavilion x360 13-a001la, Pavilion x360 13-a001nf, Pavilion x360 13-a003au, Pavilion x360 13-a010dx, Pavilion x360 13-a010la, Pavilion x360 13-a010nr, Pavilion x360 13-a012cl, Pavilion x360 13-a013cl, Pavilion x360 13-a019wm, Pavilion x360 13-a030nd, Pavilion x360 13-a040ca, Pavilion x360 13-a048ca, Pavilion x360 13-a051nr, Pavilion x360 13-a058ca, Pavilion x360 13-a072nr, Pavilion x360 13-a081nr, Pavilion x360 13-a100nh, Pavilion x360 13-a100no, Pavilion x360 13-a110dx, Pavilion x360 13-a113cl, Pavilion x360 13-a133ca, Pavilion x360 13-a155cl, Pavilion x360 13-a173ng, Pavilion x360 13-a200nl, Pavilion x360 13-a201nf, Pavilion x360 13-a202ns, Pavilion x360 13-a203nf, Pavilion x360 13-a221nd, Pavilion x360 13-a290nd, Pavilion x360 13-b222no, Pavilion x360 13-s000na, Pavilion x360 13-s000nm, Pavilion x360 13-s000ns, Pavilion x360 13-s001nf, Pavilion x360 13-s001ns, Pavilion x360 13-s002na, Pavilion x360 13-s002nf, Pavilion x360 13-s003na, Pavilion x360 13-s003nf, Pavilion x360 13-s003nl, Pavilion x360 13-s003ns, Pavilion x360 13-s004nf, Pavilion x360 13-s005nc, Pavilion x360 13-s006na, Pavilion x360 13-s007nc, Pavilion x360 13-s008na, Pavilion x360 13-s008nc, Pavilion x360 13-s010nd, Pavilion x360 13-s020nr, Pavilion x360 13-s021ca, Pavilion x360 13-s025nd, Pavilion x360 13-s030ng, Pavilion x360 13-s030no, Pavilion x360 13-s031no, Pavilion x360 13-s034no, Pavilion x360 13-s035no, Pavilion x360 13-s067nr, Pavilion x360 13-s099nr, Pavilion x360 13-s100na, Pavilion x360 13-s100nd, Pavilion x360 13-s100nf, Pavilion x360 13-s100nl, Pavilion x360 13-S100NS, Pavilion x360 13-s101br, Pavilion x360 13-s101la, Pavilion x360 13-s101nf, Pavilion x360 13-s101ng, Pavilion x360 13-s101nl, Pavilion x360 13-s102na, Pavilion x360 13-s102nf, Pavilion x360 13-s102no, Pavilion x360 13-s102ns, Pavilion x360 13-s103br, Pavilion x360 13-S103NF, Pavilion x360 13-s103no, Pavilion x360 13-s104br, Pavilion x360 13-s104nl, Pavilion x360 13-s105na, Pavilion x360 13-s105nd, Pavilion x360 13-s105nf, Pavilion x360 13-s105nl, Pavilion x360 13-s105no, Pavilion x360 13-s106nf, Pavilion x360 13-S106NO, Pavilion x360 13-s107nl, Pavilion x360 13-s108na, Pavilion x360 13-s109nl, Pavilion x360 13-s110nf, Pavilion x360 13-s115nl, Pavilion x360 13-s120ca, Pavilion x360 13-s120ds, Pavilion x360 13-s120nr, Pavilion x360 13-s120wm, Pavilion x360 13-s121ds, Pavilion x360 13-s122ds, Pavilion x360 13-s125nd, Pavilion x360 13-s130ng, Pavilion x360 13-s131ng, Pavilion x360 13-s143nf, Pavilion x360 13-s150na, Pavilion x360 13-s151nm, Pavilion x360 13-s154sa, Pavilion x360 13-s167nr, Pavilion x360 13-s181nd, Pavilion x360 13-s184ng, Pavilion x360 13-s186no, Pavilion x360 13-s195nr, Pavilion x360 13-u000nf, Pavilion x360 13-u000ng, Pavilion x360 13-u000ns, Pavilion x360 13-u001nd, Pavilion x360 13-u001ng, Pavilion x360 13-u001nl, Pavilion x360 13-u001ns, Pavilion x360 13-u002na, Pavilion x360 13-u002nd, Pavilion x360 13-u002nh, Pavilion x360 13-u002nm, Pavilion x360 13-u002ns, Pavilion x360 13-u003ng, Pavilion x360 13-u003no, Pavilion x360 13-u003ns, Pavilion x360 13-u004nl, Pavilion x360 13-u005na, Pavilion x360 13-u006nl, Pavilion x360 13-u007nf, Pavilion x360 13-u007nl, Pavilion x360 13-u009na, Pavilion x360 13-u010na, Pavilion x360 13-u010nd, Pavilion x360 13-u011na, Pavilion x360 13-u013na, Pavilion x360 13-u026tu, Pavilion x360 13-u028tu, Pavilion x360 13-u049TU, Pavilion x360 13-u062na, Pavilion x360 13-u090nd, Pavilion x360 13-u095nd, Pavilion x360 13-u100na, Pavilion x360 13-u100nf, Pavilion x360 13-u100nl, Pavilion x360 13-u101na, Pavilion x360 13-u101nd, Pavilion x360 13-u101no, Pavilion x360 13-u101ns, Pavilion x360 13-u102na, Pavilion x360 13-u102nd, Pavilion x360 13-u102nf, Pavilion x360 13-u102ng, Pavilion x360 13-u102no, Pavilion x360 13-u102np, Pavilion x360 13-u102ns, Pavilion x360 13-u103na, Pavilion x360 13-u103nf, Pavilion x360 13-u103ng, Pavilion x360 13-u103no, Pavilion x360 13-u104na, Pavilion x360 13-u104nf, Pavilion x360 13-u104ng, Pavilion x360 13-u104nl, Pavilion x360 13-u105na, Pavilion x360 13-u105nl, Pavilion x360 13-u107na, Pavilion x360 13-u108na, Pavilion x360 13-u109ns, Pavilion x360 13-u110na, Pavilion x360 13-u110nd, Pavilion x360 13-u112nl, Pavilion x360 13-u113nl, Pavilion x360 13-u140nd, Pavilion x360 13-u144nz, Pavilion x360 15-bk000ng, Pavilion x360 15-bk000no, Pavilion x360 15-bk001ng, Pavilion x360 15-bk002ng, Pavilion x360 15-bk004no, Pavilion x360 15-bk006na, Pavilion x360 15-bk007na, Pavilion x360 15-bk056sa, Pavilion x360 15-bk057sa, Pavilion x360 15-bk060na, Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa, Pavilion x360 15-bk100na, Pavilion x360 15-bk101na, Pavilion x360 15-bk102na, Pavilion x360 15-bk102ng, Pavilion x360 15-bk103na, Pavilion x360 15-bk103ng, Pavilion x360 15-bk104na, Pavilion x360 15-bk105na, SlateBook 14-p010nr, SlateBook x2 10-h000sa, SlateBook x2 10-h000sc, SlateBook x2 10-h000sn, SlateBook x2 10-h001eo, SlateBook x2 10-h003ru, SlateBook x2 10-h004ru, SlateBook x2 10-h010nr, SlateBook x2 10-h010ss, Spectre 13-v101na, Spectre x360 13-w000ng, Spectre x360 13-w002ng, Spectre x360 13-w003ng, Spectre x360 13-w004ng, Split x2 13-f010dx, Split x2 13-g180la, Split x2 13-g210dx, Split x2 13-g280la, Split x2 13-m110ea, Split x2 13-r010dx, Stream 11-r014wm, Stream 11-r015wm, Stream 14-z000nl, Stream 14-z000nm, Stream 14-z001nl, Stream 14-z010nr, TouchSmart 15-g067cl, TouchSmart 15-g068cl, TouchSmart 15-g081nr, TouchSmart 15-r134cl, TouchSmart 15-r136wm, TouchSmart 15-r137wm, TouchSmart 15-r143ds, TouchSmart 15-r221cy, TouchSmart 15-r224cy, TouchSmart 15-r226cy, x2 10-p000ns, x2 10-p001ns, x2 10-p002ns, x2 10-p006ns, x2 10-p007ns, x2 10-p030ng, x2 10-p031ng, x360 11-ab002nf, x360 11-ab003nf, x360 11-p100no, x360 11-p112nr
15-ac085tu (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Envy 14-k010la (Only for D8B89LA#ABM)
Envy Sleekbook 14-k002la (Only for D8B88LA#ABM)
Pavilion 14-e010la (Only for D3L05LA#ABM)
Pavilion 15-e001ed (Only for E4Q22EA#ABH)
Pavilion 15-e001eo (Only for E1T91EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e005sh (Only for E6A74EA#AKC)
Pavilion 15-e006ea (Only for E1A83EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e006sa (Only for E1A84EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e008sa (Only for E1A88EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e008sc (Only for E1A89EA#BCM)
Pavilion 15-e009ea (Only for E1A90EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e010ed (Only for E4Q26EA#ABH)
Pavilion 15-e010sa (Only for E0Z61EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e014eo (Only for E4A10EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e021ss (Only for E6M79EA#ABE)
Pavilion 15-e030ea (Only for E1B04EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e030eo (Only for E5J73EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e030sa (Only for D9V24EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e030sc (Only for E2H31EA#BCM)
Pavilion 15-e031sa (Only for E1B06EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e033sa (Only for E1R53EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e033ss (Only for E6A50EA#ABE)
Pavilion 15-e034ea (Only for E1R54EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e036sc (Only for E2H33EA#BCM)
Pavilion 15-e039sc (Only for E2H34EA#BCM)
Pavilion 15-e040sa (Only for E2U06EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e050ea (Only for E5J70EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e050eo (Only for E1S42EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e050sa (Only for E3Z88EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e050sh (Only for E6A82EA#AKC)
Pavilion 15-e050sy (Only for E6M65EA#B1R)
Pavilion 15-e051sa (Only for E3Z89EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e051sr (Only for D9X45EA#ACB)
Pavilion 15-e053sa (Only for E3Z92EA#ABU)
Pavilion 15-e057eo (Only for E1S74EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e057sc (Only for E2H39EA#BCM)
Pavilion 15-e058eo (Only for E1S79EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e058so (Only for E1S82EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e059so (Only for E1S85EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e070eo (Only for E4N75EA#UUW)
Pavilion 15-e076sr (Only for D9V98EA#ACB)
Pavilion 15-e081sr (Only for E3Z31EA#ACB)
Pavilion 15-e081sy (Only for E6B49EA#B1R)
Pavilion 17-e026sr (Only for D9W12EA#ACB)
Pavilion dv6-7080se (Only for B1N25EAR#ABV)
Pavilion g6-1341sl (Only for A9K10EA#ABZ)
Pavilion g6-2011em (Only for B6F93EA#BED)
Pavilion g6-2101ea (Only for C0C57EA#ABU)
Pavilion g6-2101sa (Only for B6W91EA#ABU)
Pavilion g6-2237sl (Only for C4W61EA#ABZ)
Pavilion g6-2247sc (Only for C6S86EA#BCM)
Pavilion g6-2252sc (Only for C6S87EA#BCM)
Pavilion g6-2270sw (Only for C0Y58EA)
Pavilion g6-2301sc (Only for D5N80EA#BCM)
Pavilion g6-2379sr (Only for D2H04EA#ACB)
Pavilion g6-2390sr (Only for D2H05EA#ACB)
Pavilion g6-2394sr (Only for D6W46EA#ACB)
Pavilion g7-2151sa (Only for B8R85EA#ABU)
Pavilion g7-2216sg (Only for C8G72EA#ABD)
Pavilion g7-2377sr (Only for D2H11EA#ACB)
Pavilion g7-2387eg (Only for E0S27EA#ABD)
Pavilion m6-1030sm (Only for B9B47EA#BED)
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b159la (Only for D8B95LA#ABM)
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-F004LA (Only for D8B98LA#ABM)
Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b000sm (Only for C6K10EA#BED)
Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b003eia (Only for C5R72EA#ABF)
Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b179sr (Only for D2G68EA#ACB)
Pavilion x2 10-j022TU (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Pavilion x2 10-n104nb (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Pavilion x2 10-n108nb (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Pavilion x2 10-n121nb (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Pavilion x360 13-s162nb (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
Pavilion x360 13t (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)


by HP 15-5010nr
The Electronic HP Care Pack Services (e-Care Pack) capability allows you to order, receive, update, and activate a wide range of valuable HP Care Pack Services over the Internet. Administered through the HP Services Network (CSN), it is a fast and simple process that enables immediate registration and service activation.Value-priced Pick-Up and Return Service provides high-quality door-to-door hardware service. It includes telephone support; pick-up of your failed HP branded hardware unit; repair or replacement at a HP-designated repair center; and return of the operational unit to you.Choose Pick-Up and Return Service when you need to quickly access remote problem diagnosis and technical support; improve uptime and productivity with prompt repair services; obtain consistent, expert hardware support backed by HP.
Product Description Electronic HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return
Type Extended service agreement
Service Included Parts and labour
Location Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period 3 years
Designed For HP 14, 15, 17, 24; Chromebook 11, 14; Envy 13, 15, m7; ENVY TouchSmart 17, m7; Envy x2; ENVY x360; Pavilion 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, dm1, dv6; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion Sleekbook 14; Pavilion TouchSmart 10, 15; Pavilion x2; x360; Spectre 13; Spectre x360; Split x2; Stream 11; TouchSmart 15; x2; x360
All prices quoted are subject to VAT.
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